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Choosing The Right Strollers

Best 2019 Strollers

Aside from baby carriers, using a stroller is the next best option for traveling with  a baby. It is much easier than having to carry your baby or toddler when you are on the go. This article’s aim is to aid a first-time mother to select the right baby stroller for her and her babies.

Types of strollers

There are a variety of baby strollers you could choose from, such as;

All-purpose strollers: These are strollers that could be used for different functions. Commonly used for daily activities.

Travel system: Designed to make traveling long distances easier, and comes along with a baby car seat, that can be attached to the stroller.

Lightweight strollers: These strollers are lighter than regular ones, which facilitates travel. It could also be easily placed in the trunk of the car. Some, depending on its size, can even be folded and place into an airplane cabin.

Double strollers: Designed for parents traveling with twins or for infants born close to each other. The double stroller makes it much easier to travel with your children.

Jogging strollers: Active moms and dads no longer have to put off their run to watch their infant any more, thanks to jogging strollers. These strollers are designed to run smoothly onto rough terrains.

Stroller frames: This is simply a frame of a stroller that can be attached to a baby car seat to make it complete.

What should you consider when selecting a Stroller?

Consider the cost: You may be surprised by how much a stroller costs. Don’t bite more than you can chew and purchase a stroller that shoots out of your budget. There are safe and sturdy strollers that are affordable.

Lifestyle: Aside from the standard requirements, which are safety and comfort, it is best to select a stroller that fits your lifestyle. It would make continuing with your daily activities easier.

Family size: So let’s assume you are expecting twins or are planning to have another child in the next one or 2 years after your first, it would be better if you consider purchasing a stroller that can convert into a double stroller. This is easier than traveling with 2 separate strollers.

Strollers also come along with different features such as a rain cover, toy attachments, snack and cup holders, stroller boards or bunting. You may want to consider these accessories before buying your stroller, as it would increase its convenience. Visit your online baby store in Malaysia to choose the best stroller for you.

Stroller reviews

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

Unlike its name, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller is not made for jogging. Parents love this particular stroller because of its adjustable handlebar, hand-operated brake, and its ability to roll easily over any terrains. The stroller is light, which makes it convenient for traveling. It can be easily folded and placed in small spaces. Parents appreciate the sunshade as it effectively protects the infant from the sun.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller-Jake

This stroller was voted the best Grows-with-Family Stroller of 2019. Why?

Because of its versatility. The seat can be swapped out and adjusted according to the infant’s age. At a young age (after birth), you may attach a bassinet to the stroller or a car seat that fits. As the child gets older, you can swap out the bassinet for a toddler seat. The stroller can also be paired with a PiggyBack Ride-Along board if you have an older kid. They would be able to ride along while you give your baby a stroll around the neighborhood. The stroller is long-lasting but can be quite bulky.

2-in-1 Jogging Stroller

This baby stroller is the ideal baby stroller for active parents. I can be brought around in two ways. I can either be pushed by the parent or attached to a bike and pulled from the front. It can carry a maximum of two infants, as long as they weigh a 100 LB or less. It is supported by an aluminum alloy frame and can easily be folded and transported. The stroller also comes along with mosquito net and a rain shield, so your baby will be able to ride in comfort. Visit your local online baby store in Malaysia to purchase this baby stroller.

Recommended Budget Stroller

It is commonly assumed that a budget stroller is basic. This, however, does not apply to the Graco Modes ClickConnect Stroller. It is well accessorized with a cup holder, a snack tray for the infant, and areas where the parent could store their belongings. There is a basket at the foot of the stroller which makes space for diapers, or shopping bags. You are also able to adjust the baby’s seat to your preference (either facing you or the front). The only issue that one may find with this stroller is that they would only be able to attach the Graco ClickConnect car seat to the stroller.

Graco Modes2Grow Travel System

A recommendable travel system baby stroller would be the Graco Modes2Grow stroller. It has the versatility of four strollers combined. Much like the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller-Jake, the Graco comes with a Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 infant car seat and a toddler seat that can be adjusted into a bassinet. The stroller could be turned into a double stroller if needed.