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Fantasy Sports 101

Fantasy Sports 101: Is DraftKings Legit and Safe?

Do you love playing fantasy sports such as the Mega888? If you do, then surely, you’re familiar with DrafKings. Do you think this platform is safe and legitimate? They have more than a million users on their website, and tons of partnerships and sponsorship deals with many professional sports teams. Just recently, their valuation was estimated to be at around $1 billion.

Fantasy Sports 101Unlike shady online poker websites and sports books, DraftKings’ head office is located at the United States. It was founded at the Boston area in 2012.

Is DraftKings Safe?

At some point, you would wonder if your money is safe and legal with DrafKings. Well, it’s definitely legal, taking into account the 2006 UIEGA  Bill passed by the congress. This platform is not only legal, it is also a lot safer compared to other gaming websites.

DraftKings Ownership

DraftKings, as well FanDuel, are the two biggest players in today’s fantasy sports game industry. DraftKing has marketing partnerships with UFC, NHL, NASCAR, Major League Baseball, and a vast range of professional sports franchises.

Fantasy Sports 101As a player though, you need to determine the legitimacy and safety of DraftKings for yourself, depending on your needs and specifications.

Many people love this website because they are always paid in a timely manner. They also have great customer service. There are no questions regarding its legality.