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Hiring a Website Designer: Important Questions to Ask

Are you thinking of hiring a website developer for your new design project? Well, before finalizing the deal with a professional, you need to ask a few important questions first. Make sure that this is the right person for the job!

What types of design files will I receive?

Usually, designers give mockups in either Adobe Illustrator (AI) , or Photoshop (PSD) format. You would also receive editable versions of your logo, and licenses.

Is the designer available whenever I need changes or revisions? What are the costs?

Hiring a website designer means hiring the person for a project under a certain contract. Make sure to ask about all the costs, including the prices for changes and new layouts along the way. Remember that rates can change over time. Surely, you wouldn’t want to cover unexpected costs.

Does the web designer’s style match the way I would like my website to look?

Look at the web designer’s portfolio. What do you think of their designs, from the colors to the logos? You need to hire the person who can turn your thoughts to reality.

Who will create my website once I have the design I want? Is this part of the pricing?

Several website designers collaborate with a certain developer so that their clients would only pay for a price for one. Others would choose to submit mockups that need to be coded in a specific website. Regardless of the approach they take, you would want to be aware of all the costs.

What type of upkeep and maintenance will my website need? Do I need to hire someone, or can I do that myself?

Keep in mind that websites are not a one-time project. It doesn’t have one-time costs, either. They need to be maintained, most especially if you use third-party plug-ins and software. Some designers offer maintenance services, while others would recommend you to people who can help you maintain it.

So, you really need a website designer?

If the aforementioned questions don’t apply to your project, then it’s possible that you don’t need one. Before taking any major step, know the entire scope of your web project first. Think in terms of visual appearance and functionality