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How Do You Become a Great Web Designer?


What makes a web application development great? Well, a website is great if it satisfies the intent behind its creation. Perhaps, the website can be a portal for businesses to reach out to a much broader audience. Or maybe, it is just a hub of information that aims to educate the youth or other people who seek esoteric knowledge about a specific something.

Whatever it may be, a great website can only be created by a great web designer. So, how do you become one? Read on to find out some amazing tips.

Have a Basic Understanding of Web Design Theory

What do you usually think of when you hear the words, “Web Design”? Most people who are asked that question merely talks about the tangibles but not the way they are supposed to be implemented.

Web design theory does not merely talk about the images and graphics that you’re going to use on your website; it encompasses all of the surface level stuff.

It also talks about how everything can be thrown into the mix and implemented in a way that is cohesive and streamlined.

Sure, you can implement as many graphical elements as you can, but what purpose does it really achieve? Does it satisfy its main intent? If it doesn’t, then what you’ve done is not the makings of a great website. Have a basic understanding of web design theory before actually going out there and getting clients.

Master the Software

An engineer has the tools to allow him to create blueprints for his/her workers to follow. Without the use of certain tools, the building plans that he is going to come up with are lackluster in design and sometimes, its integrity will be compromised as well.

Web designers also have tools of their own. That is why you need not only be familiar with the software but you also have to know how to use them including all of their features. Some programs that you should be familiar with are:

  • Adobe Illustrator- This program allows you to experiment with different fonts by allowing you to embed a design over a graphic. A pretty handy tool if you ask me.
  • Adobe Photoshop- This is a photo editing tool that has plenty of features that you can use to optimize any picture you’re going to use on your website.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver- This provides you with an intuitive interface that allows you to code for things much faster. It gives handy tips to help you along the way which is pretty neat.

Master the Languages

A great web designer must not only master the graphical elements of a website, but they will need to understand the backend development processes as well.

The programming languages that you need to learn (or at least, get familiar with) are:

  • HTML- The basic programming language that is used primarily for website creation, this is an important language to learn for aspiring web designers.
  • CSS- Provides the graphical implementations of a website.
  • JavaScript- Allows you to implement interactive elements on your site.
  • Python- Allows you to integrate Reactive Design that will help your website scale on smaller devices as well as the bigger ones