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How to Help Clients Plan a Huge Wedding on a Small Budget

Organizing and planning a huge wedding on a small budget can be overwhelming and stressful even for an experienced wedding events management. To make the most out of the occasion, no matter how cheap or expensive it is, these 3 crucial details should be addressed: Help clients to be creative, utilize the right resources and set the right priorities.

Help Your Clients to Set Their Priorities

It is important for every couple to know which aspects and details of their wedding are the most important. For some, beverages and food are on the top of the list. If inviting tons of guests is crucial for your clients, you need to guide them in cutting the cost in another aspect.

Here is a list of some of the least-noticed cuts:

  1. Skip all the wedding extras. Surely, clients wouldn’t need plenty of additional details such as guest favors, bathroom baskets, monogrammed cocktail napkins and more. They can make a wedding unique, but it can also make it expensive.
  2. Use a simple car. Skip the limousine. If possible, couples can ask a friend to drive them. This is simple favor or service that can save thousands of dollars.
  3. Cut way down on the flowers. Flowers are important parts of a wedding, but extravagant ones aren’t. If they are really on a tight budget, resorting to DIY items is highly recommended.
  4. Consider second-hand items. Various wedding materials can be bought in thrift stores. Even a wedding attire can be purchased or rented from consignment shops.

Utilize Your Clients’ Resources

If the bride and the groom have a relative who is a good baker, they can make use of her talent to cut the costs. A traditional wedding cake is huge or expensive, so why not explore the idea of having cupcakes instead? Cupcake towers appear very trendy at weddings.

Encourage Them to Be Creative

Are you willing to help your clients look for unconventional wedding options? You also need to remind them that doing the event on a Sunday, Friday or any night in the middle of the week is a good way to save money.

Think Outside the Box When Managing a Wedding Budget

  • Always ask about rental costs at unexpected wedding venues, like private schools and local universities. These establishments have big dining rooms and banquet halls that can be converted into an amazing wedding location.
  • Consider serving light lunch or brunch since this will cost less than a full-scale supper.
  • Instead of hiring professional DJs and musicians for live performances, consider playing recorded music.

Remember, weddings don’t have to cost your entire fortune. You just need to think creatively and beautifully to stretch every client’s budget.