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Looking for Problem Areas on Your Website with Google Analytics

Looking for Problem Areas on Your Website with Google Analytics

Do you think your web design company website’s is not performing well? If you feel like your UX is falling short, then you need to conduct a more comprehensive research and investigation. Use Google Analytics to look into all the underperforming areas.

Search Terms

Don’t forget to analyze internal search reports. This will enlighten you about the search terms users enter at your website’s search box.



Browser reports can help website owners locate specific areas where the pages are underperforming. If your website is not working well on other browsers, then it’s possible that this came from browser and development incompatibilities.

Page-level Issues

One of the best places to look at? Look at the performances of your individual web pages. The key metrics to look into are exit rates and bounce rates. These metrics often cause confusion, most especially to beginners. However, it’s crucial to understand the real difference between the two.

Page Value

Web Page

Page value is very much useful for determining the pages contributing to website conversions. Google Analytics use page value to give a web page monetary value.

User Journeys

Take a look at the journeys of your users. You can view significant data from the behavior flow reports. This can help you visualize how your users are navigating around the website.

Conversion Funnels

Conversion Rate

Utilize conversion funnels in order to gain a better understanding of the part where your users are dropping out. This data would show every step in your journey towards a particular destination, and where users exit and enter these journeys.