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Matching Your Watch With Your Outfit

1. Metal complements metal.

Your watch’s metal case, or that frame around its face, must complement all the metal accents of your accessories. These cases can be round, polygonal, rectangular or square. Meanwhile, the finish can be matte, patterned, shiny or inlaid with jewels or crystals. If you have a gold watch, you can pair it with shoes and clothes in earthy tones. Silver, on the other hand, goes well with black, blue and grey.

2. Heirloom timepieces bend all the rules.

Are you thinking of getting a mechanical watch in Malaysia? Check if you can get an heirloom watch. That is an excellent investment that can represent your legacy. It can also be worn as a memory of you, the original owner, and as a good luck charm. Don’t subject this to the rules of matching clothes and watches.

3. Match your shoes to your watch.

As much as possible, get a watch in interchangeable leather bands. For every watch, you can get one black and one brown leather band. If you want, you can add more colors for more variety.

For men and women who attend lots of formal events, a black watch band is useful, since it has a more formal vibe. For the best results, choose a timepiece that perfectly fits your wrist. It must be proportionate to your own body. Thin individuals must go for slim watches. Bigger guys, on the other hand, should carry timepieces with robust, boxier watch faces.

4. A formal attire deserves a formal-looking watch.

Should you go for analog or digital watches? Analog timepieces are considered more formal and classic, making them suitable for formal events, dates and business conferences. It’s best not to wear a digital watch on a formal celebration.

5. Leather complements leather.

The color and material of your shoes are suitable references for your choice of band. Begin by matching your shoes and belts. Wear your black watchband together with black belt and shoes. Consequently, brown shoes and belts must come with a brown band. If you own several shoes with different colors, get a watch with interchangeable bands.