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Web Design Trends To Implement

Top 10 Remarkable Web Design Trends To Implement in 2019

The business industry is fast-changing, so it’s almost impossible to make market predictions. Whether you are running a small business, or giant corporation, you need to continuously monitor, and ensure the future of our ecommerce revenue. Remember, the designs and trends of today might not work tomorrow.

Below are 10 web design trends that you should take note of this coming 2019. You wouldn’t want your visitors to experience boring website content.

1.Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu is a popular design approach across the web design field. If you want to keep your ecommerce website organized and clutter free, you should consider this particular element. This concept was earlier developed by mobile web development in Malaysia to organize menus for mobile phones. Now, it’s made its way towards desktop designs. It is also recognized as “hidden menu,” since it only appears when the visitor moves the mouse over it, or clicks on the menu.

2.Dynamic Search

Dynamic search” is a new trend is expected to get more hits in the coming years. Are you thinking of changing the overall layout of your products? You can use this new trend and technique to segregate your products, in case you have a big inventory.

3.Mobile Shopping

Since more and more people are using mobile Internet now, it is highly recommended for retailers to ensure that their ecommerce websites are mobile-responsive, and can function efficiently on various devices. Based on some studies, today’s mobile phones and other gadgets are set to become the primary source of web traffic in the near future.

4.Material Design

Material design is the idea of building vibrant, focused, and stylish ecommerce websites that can cater to different business needs. This trend is expected to rise this 2019, and is appreciated a lot by web designers. They love it because it offers unified, tangible and playful user experiences on different platforms. You can make use of this, if you want to set up an attractive and engaging website.

5.Card-Like Layouts

Card design is the primary element used in material design. These past years, card-like web page designs have been appreciated by plenty of web designers and visitors.  These kinds of designs are highly responsive, and can make everything visible on many screen sizes across different devices.

6.Fast Delivery and Free Shipping

If you really want your online business to grow, you need to prioritize the convenience of your customers on every purchase. How can you make a buzz on your ecommerce website? Offering free delivery services is one good option. Most customers hesitate to finalize their orders upon seeing expensive shipping charges. Bring more traffic and sales to your business website by providing efficient delivery without any charges.

7.Minimalist Buttons

Web designers regard minimalist buttons as the best option for creating action-oriented website pages. The motivation behind these minimalist buttons? To provide a brilliant user experience to website visitors through smooth actions. They function exactly like call to actions, ensuring a more efficient browsing experience for website visitors.

8.Hover Effects

By 2019, it is expected that more and more websites will be developed by utilizing the hover effect approach for various elements. The hover effect technique incorporates the CSS method to modify an element’s effects, once the mouse reaches for it. It can easily grab a website user’s attention and can lead him or her into the web page’s most crucial details.

9.White Space

Some online shoppers are always in a hurry. They appreciate websites with basic, simple layouts more compared to those with plenty of elements and intricate patterns. To decrease web layout intricacies, various online store owners incorporate the white space technique. Through this, they can define the most crucial aspect of their product and page.


For a website to attract more customers and increase sales, it is important to add more attractive elements. This is the motivation behind the typography trend. You need to gradually change the layout and improve the overall user experience. Moreover, it can make a website look more adaptable and visible. Just make sure to choose the best font type for your brand and business. That way, you can get the best click-through rates.